Cómo detectar un producto AP Racing falso

Cómo detectar un producto AP Racing falso

Cómo detectar un producto AP Racing falso


Good morning to all!!

If last week we talked about how to verify that a Ferodo Racing product is 100% real, this week we talked about how to make sure that it is not a fake AP Racing product.

Here we indicate how to check it.

1) Is the seller an authorized dealer for AP Racing?

In order to verify this information, contact the official distributor of your country and ask for the vendor where you purchased your AP Racing products.

You can find the complete list of AP distributors in:



2) Have you checked whether the product has the anti-counterfeit label attached?

All families of AP Racing brake calipers available in general will have anti-counterfeit labels attached.

In the brand Q3 2016. the label allows a customer to verify the authenticity of the product.


3) Are you sure that AP Racing produces the products you are buying?

AP Racing only produces clips painted in black, red or silver and unpainted clips (except for a special edition not painted in silver CP9440 / CP9660 and gold CP8530 sold to certain officers)


4) Have you used the perfect combination of brake calipers, discs and pads?

In the past, AP Racing has received complaints from customers that their purchased calipers are fake because they have experienced violent shaking when braking.

But this does not have to be the case.

When using different components in a brake kit, one must ask if the NO-AP Racing product is manufactured to a high quality standard and if the components work well together.

AP Racing always recommends that end users always always use AP Racing products including brake calipers, discs, brake pads and brake fluid in their braking systems to ensure they function correctly and with maximum safety.

5) Is the price you have paid in accordance with the market price?

AP Racing products are manufactured with the highest quality, excellence and technology.

If the price is significantly lower than the market price indicated, ask your seller the reason for the discount applied.

Here’s an example of a fake AP Racing brake caliper.


Just two weeks ago, we received a statement from Ap Racing, which indicated that they have detected that there are CP7700 brake calipers on the market.

Keep in mind that the CP7700 brake caliper is a caliper manufactured exclusively for a specific equipment or customer.

It has a mounting with special anchors and the official logo of the printed client.

The version that is being sold counterfeit in the market, has been modified to eliminate those anchors and a non-official logo of AP Racing has been added.

AP Racing does not endorse or guarantee any of its products that have been modified in any way after the original manufacture in AP Racing.

The use of such products is exclusively at your own risk and AP will not accept any liability for problems arising from its use.



AP Racing invests the experience and time in all the tests carried out on its products, ensuring that each component of the braking system has the highest quality assured.

It is highly unlikely that counterfeit products have been subjected to the same tests to ensure quality and safety for the end user.

It’s your life, is it worth the risk?

To report any possible forgery, please write to info@racingimport.com or contact us through our telephone 91. 471 61 14.

For more information about our products, please visit our website www.racingimport.com

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