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Pastillas de freno Ferodo Racing

Pastillas de freno Ferodo Racing

In the post this week we inform you of everything you need to know about Pastillas de freno Ferodo Racing.

Ferodo Racing is headquartered in Italy within the facilities of Federal Mogul.

All Ferodo Racing brake pads are manufactured to the highest international ISO quality standards.

Each brake pad has a total of 26 quality controls separately during its manufacture.

Precision engineering

All the back plates of the pads are made of high strength steel, which means minimal distortion
when subjected to the high common clamping forces in the use of motorsport.

Most Ferodo Racing brake pads incorporate a lower thermal layer between the support plate and the friction material.

This reduces the operating temperature of the brake caliper by up to 80 degrees C and significantly reduces the risk of boiling brake fluid causing a “fluffy” feeling in the pedal.

Disc Friendly

Ferodo brake pads are developed to optimize both the life of the pad and the disc.

His philosophy is not to increase the life of the pads with excessive disc wear.

High controllability

All Ferodo Racing brake pads are designed to operate with a relatively constant coefficient of friction
(mu) in a wide range of temperatures, pressures and vehicle speeds.
This results in a constant brake feeling for the driver, which means that the braking torque is a linear response
to press the pedal.

Ferodo Racing has one of the widest forms of pads in the market of competitive brake pads.




It is one of the most outstanding high performance track day pills in the market.

It is also suitable for light stroke applications and many rear applications.

It offers excellent refinement for a high performance pill.

  • Sports use in high performance vehicles and all types of vehicles.
  • Greater resistance to heat, longer life and better level of friction with competition material capacity.
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.42 over the working temperature range of 20 ° -500 ° C.



This thermal process is carried out on all the tablets of the DS Performance range.

The cauterization consists of a superficial “abrasion” process.

This significantly reduces the period of adaptation to the disc of the installed pads.


Thin layer of material of a specific formulation, located between the metal support and the friction material itself.

Ensures a perfect fit between the friction material and the support.

It consists of creating a thermal barrier to the brake fluid.


Most high-performance materials are very aggressive and cause premature wear to the disc.

DS PF is formulated in a way that provides maximum performance with the minimum level of aggression to the disc.


The DS Performance range has been developed to provide a high level of comfort to the user, combining perfectly with the high performance of the range.

With a coefficient of friction higher than m 0, 55 DSPF has an excellent performance at both high thermal and cold levels.

Excellent recovery capacity in wet situations, high resistance to fading and consistent pedal touch, all this contributes to the high requirements, safety and confidence with the highest level of performance.


Compound developed specifically for lighter cars (Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula VW, Formula Renault, Campus Formula) and occasionally for Rally use.

  • Average coefficient of friction 0.46 over the working temperature range of 200 ° -450 ° C.
  • Very low shooting time.
  • Excellent initial friction, low coefficient of residual friction in the wheels.
  • It offers a very simple control to avoid blocking the wheel when the downforce is reduced.


It is the compound FERODO RACING that established the braking standard since 1998.

He has contributed to countless victories and podium positions in many car, rally and GT championships around the world.

  • Versatile high strength material .
  • Short taxi time.
  • Multiple applications including touring car, rally, Group N, Formulas and vehicles in climbs.
  • Average coefficient of friction 0.48 over the working temperature range of 200 ° -650 ° C.


Unlike carbon-based materials, siloxane chains do not decompose at high temperatures, so DS1.11 continues to operate at higher temperatures than a standard brake pad.

That means it will not fade and has an excellent life, the best in the Ferodo Racing range. In addition, the performance remains exactly the same throughout the life of the tablet.

It is formulated to provide a very flat friction profile at a medium and high friction level.

The compression of the material is very low always, so the pedal travel is short and constant.

  • Material developed for endurance racing vehicles.
  • Applications – passenger car, GT, formulas.
  • Average coefficient of friction 0.46 over the working temperature range of 200 ° -700 ° C.
  • Long life.
  • Very nice with the records.


It is the latest racing material developed by Ferodo Racing.

It has replaced DS2.11 and has already been tested in GT, cars, Formula and rally.

The technical objective of the material is to provide a very high initial coefficient of friction, while improving the useful life of the pad and disc, offering excellent modulation capacity throughout the entire brake event.

  • Applications in cars, GT, Formula and rally.
  • Average coefficient of friction 0.48 over the working temperature range of 200 ° -700 ° C.
  • Braking torque very controllable.
  • Very nice with the records.
  • Long life.

If you need more information about our products do not hesitate to contact us through our e-mail , our telephone number 91. 471 61 14 or through our website

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